[SURTECH KOREA 2015] Application Overview


Step 1. Application

- Submit application form
- Pay for deposit 50% of the total fee

Step 2. Utilities

- Apply utility Service(Electricity, LAN,etc)
- Furniture (Optional)

Step 3. Payment

-Pay the balance+Utility Fee
(Deadline : 2014. 12. 20)
Participation Fee
Raw Space Package Booth
Size 1Booth (3m x 3m = 9㎡) 1Booth (3m x 3m = 9㎡)
Fee 300USD/spm 350USD/sqm
-Providing only exhibition space
-Exhibitors need to install theexhibition facilities on the provided spaces by themselves (Exhibitors need topay for booth manufacturing and installation)
-Exhibitors install the facilitiesafter submitting and getting approval from service bureau for the designdrawing.
-Booth Frame, Carpet, Signboard,Spotlight,
info-desk & Chair 1 set,Electricity 1Kw
Discount Advanced application 10%  (until : 2014. 8. 30)
Discount scale  10%  (above 6 booth)
* (Theabove booth image is for your reference only, and the contents of assembly booth aresubjects to change according to exhibition operation plan.)
Application For Participation
Application Fill out the registration form inside of Brochure and send below Fax or E-mail
Place 2015 SURTECH KOREA Committee / FAIR STAR Co., Ltd
( Tel : 82-31-995-6480/6338 Fax : 82-31-995-6335 )
Classification Payment of Due Date
Down Payment 50% At the time of Application
Balance 50% No later than Dec 20th, 2014
Option Facilities Total cost for option facilities At the time of Application for option facilities

Bank Information

Swift Code
Account No.
Account name
Korea Exchange Bank KOEXKRSE 650-008558-279 Cho Won Ki (ExMG) World Trade Center

* Please transfer the participation fee by the company name.